8、Some chinese pastors is serving sentence in prison

Chinese pastors Yang is currently serving a two and a half year sentence in prison. While in prison, Pastor Yang developed swelling in his legs that was so bad that he was close to paralysis. This could have developed because of the extremely harsh treatment and conditions he’s been experiencing.

However, Pastor Yang is still serving the full sentence and he isn’t allowed access to a Bible, so please pray that prison conditions would improve and he’d be allowed to read God’s word.

Secondly, we’ve received reports that Pastor Zhang. he is ‘barely alive’, and suffering both physically and mentally from the cruel treatment he’s experiencing, which includes sleep deprivation and starvation. Pastor Zhang is currently serving a twelve-year prison sentence that began in 2014.


my reply:



This only shows that what you so-called Jesus is out of date.

What you so-called Jesus can no longer correctly guide humans, so that his believers are cults, and they are punished