3. Saudi Arabia players refused to do moment of silence for British victims, showing that Muslims are terrorists.

Saudi Arabia players refused moment of silence for British victims in Terrorist attack. What’s more, they continued playing soccer and never felt repent, pleaded guilty, apologized for an offence. They even celebrated it. It totally shows that global Muslims are complete terrorists.

The only difference of Muslims means that some of terrorists take a gun, while some of them don’t take it. In essence, they are terrorists, because they adhere to the same Quran.

People who believe in the Quran are terrorists, because the Quran clearly requires Muslims to kill all heretics and non-Muslims. They are called as “Kafeile”.

Therefore, the Quran is the Confucian classics of antihuman and anti-civilization. People who adhere to the Quran are anti-human and anti-civilization. All of them are terrorists.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, When Turkish fans mourned terrorist attack in Paris in March of last year, they still called, “Allah Akba”. They called homicidal mutineers as heroes and cheered for them, showing that Muslims are terrorists.

We need to burn all Quran.