2. original sin

I see that in article 160 you call man self righteous, I asked you if you were a good person and you declared yourself to be so, is that not the essence of what it means to be self righteous? You have not addressed the uniqueness of Christ and the claims he made or the evidence for his resurrection. It is obvious to anyone who is a Father that if Jesus is the son of God then there can be no other way to God. Why is it obvious? Because in Gethsemane Christ pleaded with his Father...'if it's possible take this cup from me,' He meant the cup of suffering, of being crucified and made to be a guilt offering for the sin of man. The Father did not, could not take it from him, why not?
Because God is just and as such he must punish sin, but he is also love and so rather than punish us he took the punishment upon himself, he paid the debt so we could go free. If Jesus is the Son of God and there is any other way to the Father that would mean God crucified his only Son for nothing! You need to think about these things for you are not serving God, but an idol. I told you in the beginning what the original sin was 'eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and you to will be like God knowing the difference between the two.'
It is evident that by declaring yourself to be good that you too are a victim of original sin,
I have asked many people of different backgrounds, are you a good person? And they nearly all say yes, because they too are blind to the fact that they are sinners. There's a verse in scripture which describes this...'They flatter themselves too much to detect it hate their own sin. May the Lord have mercy upon you and open your eyes, humble yourself and in due course the Lord will exalt you.'




You are discussing Christian doctrines with me, but I think that many Christian doctrines are out of date, and God has shown that all religious doctrines are obsolete when they show the doctrine of the Eschatology.

As with Islamic fundamentalism, Christianity also have fundamentalist. Also need to be eliminated.

I want to discuss fairness and justice with you, that is what God wants me to do。